Heated Driveway Mat

Most homeowners loathe the task of shoveling the snow off of a driveway, mostly because of the physical demands of the task or the cost borne to hire someone to plow or shovel it for someone.

Nowadays , one seems to have an answer for anything and everything , and icy and snowy driveways are included in those. Heated driveways are not cheap but are starting to become popular as for some people the benefits outweigh the costs by a long margin. But with advancement of technology, an alternative to the heating systems beneath or underneath the driveways, portable heating mats are gaining popularity. These can be considered as the replacements for heated driveways.

The heating mats can be placed over the driveway or sidewalks to prevent the snow from accumulation.

Benefits of using Heated Driveway Mats

The heating mats melt the ice and accumulated snow on driveways, ramps, entrances, walkways, patios, etc. The mat eliminates the work of manually removing the and the pedestrians are protected from slippery snow or ice covered sidewalks as well as driveways.

There are numerous advantages of heating mats today. Some of the following are reducing the manual labor of removing the snow and ice, keeping the walkers and pedestrians safe, there is no maintenance cost associated with heating mats. These are long time guarantee items generally of 10-15 yrs, these are run on very low operating expenses if these are compared to alternative snow melting devices. Also the heating mat increases the life of concrete, asphalt and most other surfaces and last but not the least, the heating mats increases the value of a property.

The heating mat are durable and are self regulating by nature. Irrespective of how cold it is, they use the same amount of electricity to heat up. This also reduces and minimizes power consumption and costs are generally reduced by 30% – 60% compared to Heated driveways.

These are energy efficient mats that warm up the driveways in well covered areas. These heating mats can be used with any type of floor covering which leads it to being used with whatever the driveway material being in use. This leads to an integrated earth shield allowing safe installation in wet areas. These are also ideal for tiled floor and it should be used with a leveling compound.


The cost of heated mats depends on many factors and also the installation procedure such as the kind of system wanted which would melt the ice completely or partially, the cost of the materials in the driveway, etc.

For most homeowners, who decide on the heating mat to be used, the general cost is about $1000 to $1200. The bigger mats may cost upto $1500. There is also an operating cost involved with heating mats. While paying $1000 may seem a little high but comparing it to the heating driveway, it is a small fraction because they make that up over time because they are designed to use lesser energy whenever in operation than their electrical substitutes that use a complex wiring system.


Again using the mats is preferable because it is fitted with a sensing system that turns it on, wherever it starts snowing, thereby saving power.

Thus, the heating mat basically is a perfect fit for the concept of keeping the pavement warm enough when snow falls and it comes in contact with the mat. The popular system or method using electric current to melt. The heated driveways are much more complex to set and the costs are much higher. Thus, putting them up during snowstorms are a perfect way of keeping the pavement warm. These are similar to the indoor floor heating systems.