Pea gravel driveway and its methods of installation

Every house has a driveway but however, the pea gravel driveway is extremely popular. Most people trust the concept of pea gravel surfacing the driveway just for its durability, affordability and availability. The concept of pea surfaced driveway makes it look even more attractive. The pea gravel is made by natural coloured stones that feature a beautiful look to the driveway. The design of this material can go with any kind of landscape. It is so smooth and runny that everyone’s first choice is the pea gravel driveway. It is attractiveness and the durability power is so high that it will instantly change the look of your driveway.

Driveway is a very important part of a house and to make it look good it is essential that a person involves his knowledge on things except just putting things together only because of their good looks. You will have to come out of such irrational ideologies and judge yourself the quality and texture of material that you are about to install. The checking up on such things are very important to get a proper installation of the pea gravel driveway.

Is pea gravel the right choice for your driveway?

Driveway is an important part of the house we know that but the other fact that you should know as well is that the kind of driveway you should have. For most cases it is seen that pea gravel is the best option for any kind of driveway. Again there are certain kinds of driveways that will not go well with the pea gravel. Here we will mostly discuss about the driveways that will go great with the pea gravel. It will not only improve the look of the driveway but it will also help you to go a slower level. The pea may be quite smooth but again on the other hand it has a tyre gripping power that will automatically keep the car at a lesser pace. This is the specialty of such pea gravel driveways. Once you install it you will know how absolutely great it is. You will feel good while driving through the driveway. One most important fact about this type of material is that you will have to appoint a specialist who will be able to install the pea gravel driveway in a proper way.

Preparations to be taken before installing

Installing a driveway is a big task. Therefore it will definitely involve a lot of preparations. However, these preparations are taken mostly by the experts because you will not know anything about it. Therefore from earlier only the experts will have to be appointed so that they know exactly what to do in order to install the pea gravel driveway. There are many kinds of preparations that are taken and the preparations will have to be detailed out since if anything goes wrong then the whole installation will go at waste.

Steps involved to install a pea gravel driveway

There are certain steps that will have to be looked after to install a pea gravel driveway and they are as follows:

  1. Measure the area: it is important to mark out the area where the driveway is required to be installed. This is the first and the most important step when you are about to start with the installation of the pea gravel driveway. This is because if you do not know the area of installation then in no chance you can start with the  installation work.
  2. Excavate: excavating the area that is marked for the installation of the drive way so that the pea gravel can be put and smoothened out until it comes to the top and rolled out by a roller truck. This is the reason why the excavation is so important.
  3. Lay down landscaping fabric: it is very important to line the base where the pea gravel is put with the help of a landscaping fabric. If you do this then you will be able to have a healthy drainage system and there will be no unwanted vegetation.
  4. Apply layers of stone and gravel: after the base and the landscaping fabric the layers of stone and gravel are required to be put and then it will be smoothened with a roller truck.


Do not try to do the whole thing on your own. Rather it is highly advisable to use a group of expertise in the work of the installation of such pea gravel driveway. It will give a guaranteed good look to your house and you will feel good driving on it.