Crushed Stones vs Pea Gravel: Uses, Prices and its pros and cons

Crushed stone and pea gravel are two different types and they are used for various constructional and agricultural uses. It is normally seen that crushed stones are available in different sizes and they are higher priced than pea gravel.

However, pea gravel gives a much more attractive look and the sizes of the stones are smaller than that of the crushed stones.

No matter the differences, both work really well and they are completely durable in nature. This is the specialty of these two materials.

Dimensions and appearances

The main difference between the pea gravel and the crushed stones are the sizes.

Normally the pea gravel is the size of a pea that varies between 1/8” to 3/8”, hence from where it got it’s name – ”pea” gravel.  The size of the stones vary from 1 / 2” to about 4”. However in there are different categories of crushed stone. One such category is the stone dust also called screenings and in fact it actually exactly that, dust.

Pea gravel are available in a wide range of lighter hues such as red, light blue, beige, and on the other hand stones are available only in grey and black and white colors.

What is pea gravel used for?

Pea gravel as we know is the cheapest and therefore it is widely used for driveways and patios. They are quite an attractive option since they look better and are available in lesser prices as well.

Pea gravel is a very good choice for driveways as there are different bases required for such construction, and so in turn it helps to build a very firm and durable driveway. People like the utility of pea gravel because of its durability. However, the installation should be done by experts only then it will set properly.

What are crushed stones used for?

Crushed stone has a very wider range of usage in comparison to the pea gravel projects. It is used in projects for ballast, drainage, concrete blocks, as a base for pavers and roads. The sizes of crushed stones are bigger and they are costlier in terms of prices.

Depending on the size of the stones the utility of these stones are fixed. Some of the crushed stones of a fixed size are used for driveways. Such driveway constructions are way costlier than any other driveways. However, when the work on the driveway is finished the look of crushed stones is great.

Prices of crushed stones and pea gravel

The price of the stones widely depends on the quantity and the quality purchased. However, for pea gravel the entire quantity of the set is of same size and so the prices are fixed and are cheaper than stones.

Due to the labour effort for producing crushed stones the prices are higher, while at the same time for pea gravel there are no such extra expenses in its production and therefore the prices remain lower.

If you are in need of crushed stones then you will have to state the size of the stones you want and there is no such statement needed in the case of pea gravel. The prices of each will depend accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

Both the stone and pea materials are great for your driveways, patios, walkways and many other purposes. You can even make a small garden and create a surface with any of the two or you can use them in any other case as well.

There are a wide range of activities of pea gravel and crushed stones. You should check for yourself and choose the best one for you. But do not forget to purchase the right material that will serve your need as now you already know their differences.