How to Clean Char & Fire Residue from a Concrete Driveway

Charred, black burn stains and smudges are difficult to remove from a lot of surfaces and the concrete material is not an exception here. What makes it even harder to clean is the rough surface of the concrete driveways, which makes this a tedious task.

Instead of doing the usual – trying to clean with a water pressure machine or attacking the stains with a chemical sponge, you should consider trying cleaning it using an alkaline concrete degreaser which is designed to cut through tough soot.

Tools you will need:

  • As mentioned above, your best choice would be to use a Soy Fast Degreaser, but if you prefer an alternative an Alkaline Degreaser would also do the job
  • Bucket and water
  • Stiff Bristle Push Broom
  • Protective gear

How to Clean Char & Fire Residue:

  1. Use the stiff bristle broom to clean and clear the driveway from dirt and debris.
  2. Dilute the cleaner by following the manufacturer’s guidelines noted on the label to the desired strength level.
  3. Apply the diluted mixture to the concrete surface, you can try to simply pour the mixture if your driveway is flat or very slight sloped.
  4. Agitate the solution against the surface using the stiff bristle Push Broom. Do it with brisk and short strokes to achieve better penetration of the mixture into the stain.
  5. Wait for the specified period of time noted on the product, before you wash it.
  6. Rinse and dry with clean water using a pressure washer if you can.
  7. For achieving best results, rinse and dry thoroughly for a second time to remove all residue that may be left.

Additional Tips:

Before you begin any cleaning work, make sure you are equipped with the suggested protective gear which also includes eye protection.

The “Soy Fast Degreaser” product that we recommended is environmentally safe and may be washed away with water.

If you choose to use another product, like Alkaline Degreaser for example, make sure that it’s safe for using on concrete surfaces.

And remember, one of the most frequent mistakes people tend to make when using degreasers to clean char & fire residue is not giving it enough time to work into the stain, hence and washing it too early. Good luck, if you follow carefully our tips, you sure will remove the stains successfully.