Buying Crushed Concrete for Driveways

Crushed concrete driveway is the path that leads your car from the gates up to your door step and the garage entrance. It not only comforts your drive in and out, but also adds to your home’s aesthetic looks.

If you have a residential driveway and you like to adopt some new green construction practices, you should definitely consider this material when building your patio and driveway. The reason – this material is not only eco-friendly and helps reduce landfill waste and decrease the pollution, but also comes with many other advantages that we will mention below.

You can design the path exactly according to the following criteria:

Exterior designs of your home.

Before taking up the actual construction work, it is better if you can measure the actual distance from the main entrance up to the end points. You may choose to lay multiple paths leading to the door-step, garage entrance etc.

The number of vehicles that may sue the path and the frequency of usage.

Here, you will have to consider the average weight of each vehicle and match it with the weight withstanding capacity of the concrete mixture you are going to prefer. Make sure that the driveway is able to withstand severe climatic conditions.

The crushed concrete mixture and its ingredients

What exactly is crushed concrete you may ask? Usually it is collected from old structures that are made of concrete when they are being demolished or renovated. Then the companies which specialize in the field of concrete recycling collect this material from the demolition sites, put it through a crushing plant and create a new end product which is called crushed concrete or RCA – recycled concrete aggregate.

The basic ingredients of this material include crushed stones, cement powder, limestone and charcoal. You might add extra cementing glue and seasoning elements in order to make the Crushed Concrete Driveway more durable and weight supportive in nature. Recycled materials can also find their usage in this mixture. Note that the mix may vary depending on the region you live and the sort of raw materials are available there. You may also get ready made concrete mix from the nearby hardware shops which you can use.

Recycled Concrete is Less Expensive

Due to the fact that the recycling process involves very low collection, transportation and processing fees, crushed concrete is much less expensive compared to the other affordable structural fillers and materials. The other reason to be cheaper than other building materials is that it’s landfill tax has been already paid by the first builder.

The Crushed Concrete Driveway Design

Ensure water drainage pipes and seepages are connected to your driveway at regular space intervals. This is an extremely important factor that you have to consider. Blocking of water on the driveway could lead to rapid deterioration of the path. It could also lead to concentration of allergens, dust and other insect breeding grounds.

If the path is too curvy or consists of slopes, it is better to make the top surface a little rough. It will provide a better grip to your vehicle tires and reduce the chances of accidents during winter and rainy seasons.

The thickness of the driveway block depends on the terrain, the severe weather conditions and the average weight of the vehicles that sue the driveway. You might have observed that the driveway thickness leading to restaurants, commercial complexes and other public places are at least 3 to 4 times those used in your homes. The average size of the gravel also plays a critical role in determining the quality and durability of the driveway.

Driveway laying method

Preparing the base is the fundamental process. If you already have an old and worn out driveway, you got to tear it apart before you start with the new project. If this is a new path, you have to dig the path and prepare the foundation. Once this part is complete, you will have to wait for at least one week before you start with the next step. During this period, your driveway foundation gets seasoned. This is also a way for strengthening your driveway to make it last for a longer time.

Final Top layer design and layout

After the seasoning period, you can start laying down the final layer. Make sure that the thickness of the slab is at least 3 to 4 inches. You will need a concrete roller to flatten and finish the top layer and give a solid coating.

Final words and The Disadvantages

As a conclusion we can note that crushed concrete can be used to build an awesome driveway, but we should note some disadvantages as well. One is that this material can and most probably will have some sharp edges, but basically it is almost like the gravel material.

You may decide to do the job all by yourself or may hire a contractor for doing it. But, make sure that the professional methods are deployed at every stage in order to get highest quality and long lasting characteristics.