All about Sealing Asphalt driveway and how it can be highly effective for you

Asphalt Driveway: Providing an edge

When it comes to the aesthetic beauty of your home, the first feel of comfort usually begins with the driveway leading to your garage. People often wonder that nobody appreciates the comfort of the driveway, then why waste time, money and effort in installation of a better one? Well, although nobody appreciates the comfort, your neighbors and guests would be quick to point out if the driveway you have is full of potholes or broken gravels and particles. Your driveway somehow becomes a possible indicator of your standard of living. Hence it is important to get the best quality driveway installed. In recent times, the asphalt has been the one satisfying all the needs of durability and strength and also aesthetics. It provides a comfortable ride and smooth experience, something which is bit more difficult to obtain if you use other materials.

Cracks and holes: Causes and effects

The asphalt driveway, however, over a period of time starts developing cracks and holes. This sort of failure is usually caused because of water and the effect of unequal heating and cooling or in colder countries, freezing and thawing. Hence it starts to loosen the material and the gravels and dirt may start accumulating on the driveway. Also, there may be growth of grass and vegetation in the cracks which will widen these cracks further. So do you have to get the entire driveway repaired for it now? Is the entire driveway to be reinstalled or will just resurfacing be proving adequate? The solution is even simpler and cost effective than resurfacing. It is going with the asphalt driveway sealer method.

Identifying the need

Before one goes on to sealing the asphalt driveway, there are a few points that need to be verified first. The important thing is that the black surface of the driveway i.e. the blacktop is only threatened by the cracks and not by and structural failure. Also the base should be strong and should not have been weakened. It is only in such cases that one can go for sealing the driveway. In case there is possibility of structural failure, one may need to opt for resurfacing the asphalt driveway. Also, the gradient of the driveway should be as per the drainage requirements.

The procedure of sealing asphalt driveway

The entire procedure of sealing the asphalt driveway has been mentioned below;

1. The first step is to completely remove off any types of dust and other materials that might have grown in the holes and cracks formed on the driveway.

2. Then you have to use a garden water pipe and run the water down the driveway in full force. Greater the pressure of the water better would be the cleansing done. Use the force of water to clean off all the dirt and gravels.

3. Now allow the driveway to dry.

4. Take the sealant and then shake the can well before using it. Then apply the sealing agent only a little as a very thin layer is required. Spread the sealant properly and apply it over the entire driveway in the same way.

5. Allow the driveway to be sealed and do not allow any traffic on it for at least the next 24 hours.

Precautionary Measures

- While you are at work, avoid any physical contact with the sealant and do not inhale any vapors coming out of them.

- Also do not use excess sealing agent as it would not provide any additional strength and only cause wastage of the material.

- Ensure that the dust and other such unneeded materials are removed completely, as if not, it may cause damage to the driveway surface.

- If you are not comfortable with the physical work that needs to be done then hire a worker to do the same as there would be a lot of hard work involved.

- Ensure the driveway is completely sealed and not even a single crack is left out open as it can expand later on and ruin all the hard work.


Sealing the asphalt driveway is a very easy option to repair the driveway and inhibit any damage and cracks in the early stages itself. Any negligence early on to seal the driveway will only cause more wastage of money and efforts as the damage increases to the point where it may require immediate attention.