10mm aggregate material for recycled asphalt driveway Asphalt as a better material for Driveways

Driveways are the first thing that a guest coming to your home will come across, and if you want cheaper solution, use recycled asphalt driveway. We all know that a bumpy ride across the driveway will not bring home your guests in a jolly mood. Also when you return home from a tiring day at the office, you do not want to have that neck breaking experience just before you reach the comfort of your home. There also is the risk of your young son getting himself injured when he is learning to ride his bicycle. This is why it is always necessary to have a good quality asphalt driveway with no potholes and loose gravels. The material asphalt will prove to be durable, stronger and offer better resistance to impacts. But does the asphalt driveway turn out to be too expensive for you? If yes, then there are a few alternatives for you too. One of the best one is the crushed asphalt driveway or also called recycled asphalt driveway. Wondering about how can it provide you better solutions than other alternatives? How can you get it constructed? Well, let us take a look.

The making

First let us take a look at why it is called recycled? Your guess is right. It is because you use recycled asphalt material. Then why it is called a crushed driveway? Well, the material used in the making is actually the recycled asphalt product which is first ground into gravels and then used. The process of making it is given below:
1. First the excavation work is done in exactly the same manner that is required for the hot asphalt mix driveway.
2. Ensure that you grade the driveway properly so that the water can run off. Any accumulation of water on the driveway damages it over time. It can cause the crushed driveway material to lose its binding and eventually the gravels start loosening out. This can weaken the overall strength and give a very bad look to your driveway.
3.  Clean the entire excavated area of major debris and then apply the tack coat.
4. Then we have to apply our Crushed asphalt at the general blacktop paving with the help of the automatic paver.
5. If the process is done properly then the material layer will be uniform and consistent.
6. Always make the use of automated paver and vibratory roller. These will make the finished product to be smoother and better leveled. The finished product will be of a very much higher quality then it would have been by making the use of tractor or bulldozer.

Binding mechanism

Still wondering about how the recycled asphalt driveway is going to bind up? It goes as below:
After the material has been laid, there is still a lot of the original oil remaining in it. When the sun heats up the surface, the oil and the binding materials are released out. These all help in melting the gravels and they form a uniform layer for the pavement. Hence all the dust which would have been otherwise formed is avoided and a better quality driveway is formed.

The advantages this driveway comes with:
The major advantage can be guessed by the name itself. Since its recycled material, it is much more environmental friendly than any other type of driveway. Another advantage is that of economy. It is much more economical than any other type of the driveway. These two are the major reasons why it is being preferred by large numbers of people throughout the world.

The other side of the coin or the cons:
The driveway gains its strength over a period of time and initially is not hard enough. Also, the factor that the increase in strength is caused by the heat from the sun means that the driveway cannot be laid in the cold weather when the sun is out as the driveway may get damaged before it gains sufficient binding. Another disadvantage can be the durability of the driveway. Though it may not be considerably low, but it will be lower than the hot asphalt driveway.


As a conclusion we can point that recycled asphalt driveway well makes up the little lost durability or strength through its environmental friendliness and the cost effectiveness that it has to offer. Also, with proper installation work, it might not lose any strength at all. So it is a great alternative to other conventional gravel driveways as of today.